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Study Says 800K Homeowners Should’ve Avoided Foreclosure But Big Banks Messed It All Up – Mary Beth Quirk, The Consumerist

Getting a mortgage modification has been hard enough for homeowners, what with disorganized big banks not having enough well-trained people on staff to deal with the necessary ins and outs of the process. But a new study says that things should’ve been easier under the Home Affordable Modification Program and resulted in 800,000 fewer foreclosures […]

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Fair Debt Collection – Attorney General Martha Coakley

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Debt Collection Regulations, 940 C.M.R. 7.00, prohibit many unfair debt collection practices by creditors, and regulations of the Massachusetts Division of Banks, 209 CMR 18.00, prohibit unfair debt collection practices by debt collection agencies.   Communication with Creditors and Collection Agencies When communicating directly with you, creditors and collection agencies may […]

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How to fix errors in your credit report – Ray Martin, CBS Money Watch

(MoneyWatch) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will soon be overseeing roughly 30 credit-reporting firms. One area the new federal watchdog will focus on is coming up with a better system for handling consumer complaints about errors in their credit reports.   Since studies show that most credit bureau reports contain at least one error, it’s […]

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Survey: Errors On Credit Reports Are Widespread – Banker and Tradesman

Nearly 90 percent of American consumers have found inaccurate or erroneous information on their credit report, according to a recent web survey by American Consumer Credit Counseling. This survey comes in the wake of a recent announcement made by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that beginning this month it will supervise thirty of the country’s […]

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It has been several years since Attorney Matthew Swanson has handled my bankruptcy case.  At first it seemed overwhelming and immposible.  I was trapped financialy with no end in sight. After my bankruptcy was officialy discharged my long term goals were once again in sight.  Today I am able to qualify for mortgages and have obtained all the low interest rate loans that I was previously able to qualify for.  It was the smartest decision that I never wanted to make.  Accepting financial defeat is not easy, but as a last resort is not the end of the world.  Just a new beginning. Matt, Fall River


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