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Stop Wage Garnishments

Wage Garnishments – Are Creditors Taking Money Right Out of Your Paycheck?

wage garnishmentIf a judgment has been made against you, creditors may have the lawful right to Wage Garnishments.  With your earnings in their hands, you may find it difficult to cover the cost of living.  In some cases, you could lose half of your paycheck.

Do you want to keep your paycheck in your hands?

The Law Office of Matthew C. Swanson knows the steps to take to stop wage garnishment.

 It’s Your Paycheck. Keep It.

The only certain way to stop wage garnishment is by filing bankruptcy.  When you file bankruptcy, automatic stay protection goes into effect.  This prevents any action from being taken against you by creditors.  In other words, wage garnishment has to stop.  It may be possible to recover wages that have already been taken by creditors, depending on the date the action occurred.


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I was in the midst of a very challenging financial situation that it appeared there was no way out of and I was convinced that I would lose everything and still owe a boat loan of money. Attorney Swanson was able to sort through my mess and he offered very useful advice he executed a plan to get me out of the situate I had gotten myself into. His legal expertise saved me and protected my home. I look forward to the opportunity to refer him to somebody in a similar situation so that they too can seek some relief.



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