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Economy is Turning Around?!?!?

It seems like every night I hear political pundits tell me that the economy is turning around.  Every day, however, I meet with clients who feel that it must have been a sharp turn that missed them entirely.  A recent report from Sentier Research has shown that maybe the economy has not rebounded as many would have you believe.  In fact, the report indicates the average American household is earning less now than they did when the recession ended four years ago.

More specifically, the June 2013 census data lists the median family income at $52,098.  When the recession “ended” in June 2009, the median family income was $54,478.  The June 2013 income is even lower than the December 2007 income ($55,480) when the recession began.  The report shows that almost every group is worse off today than they were four years ago.  This empirical evidence seems to validate the concerns that many of my clients have.  The stock market may have risen and the price of homes may have risen, but it doesn’t help those who cannot afford stocks or purchase homes.

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